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We’re On A Mission!

We believe that every leader shares the same universal potential because every human has access to the same universal intelligence. When leaders tap into the power of their true inner self, they begin to lead deeply, powerfully and inspiringly. And when they do this, their actions — and success — becomes unstoppable. We passionately understand the importance of our work with leaders and start each day re-committing to our mission:


“To have leaders lead deeply, powerfully and inspiringly by reconnecting to the unstoppable leader that lies within.”

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From The INSIDE Out

By uniquely overlaying leadership best practices with our proprietary Inner Mindset Model™, the IN Approach empowers leaders with not just time-tested insights, tools and practices, but also the inner foundation needed to create unwavering success no matter what challenges they may face on the road ahead. Through our diverse program and coaching portfolio, clients discover an unparalleled edge in decreasing leadership fatigue, increasing strategic innovation and deepening capacity to navigate our new age of constant and uncertain change.
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Unleash The Inner Leader

Although most seek to create inspiring leadership from the outside in, history has consistently proven this is a false path. External tools fade with time. The most impressive “outer” skills are transient at best. What is permanent is the source of unwavering confidence and wisdom that lies WITHIN. When leaders remember the truth of who they are, inspiring leadership expands from within, permeating everything they do. They discover clarity, confidence and presence need not be developed, but rather, only need be revealed.
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We Are YOU

Beneath years of credentials and achievements always lies an inner child looking to be seen, acknowledged and expressed. But that inner child has most leaders chasing outer validation that only gets in the way of their greatest potential. We know this to be true because we have been there ourselves. There are countless obstacles in a business world designed to distract us with false promises of outer success and fulfillment. However, true sustainable success and fulfillment only comes from WITHIN. It is with this knowing that we take an unwavering stand that all leaders achieve the thriving careers we were all born to experience by leading from the INSIDE out.[/one-half] [one-half] [/one-half] [/columns_container] [/tab]
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Certified Diversity Supplier*

Does your organization have Diversity Supplier Spend goals? If not, has your organization ever considered the benefits of working with a Diversity Supplier? As one of few nationally-certified LGBTBE leadership development firms, IN™ can provide a unique opportunity to both leverage an expert leadership development resource, while also increasing diversity spend. For more information about IN™ supplier diversity benefits, please contact us today via our Contact Form.[/one-half] [one-half] [/one-half] [/columns_container] [/tab][/tabs]


[servicefa items_per_row=”1″] [itemfa title=”Pathway #7: Transparency” icon=”search” a_fffect=”fadeInDown” color=”#26ade4″ style_bg=”Rounded” background=”#ffffff” border=”1px solid #26ade4″]At the heart of every leader block is a hidden truth. Practicing transparency creates the best pathway to empowered decision-making.[/itemfa] [itemfa title=”Pathway #15: Alliance” icon=”group” a_fffect=”fadeInDown” color=”#26ade4″ style_bg=”Rounded” background=”#ffffff” border=”1px solid #26ade4″]Relationships break down because foundation was never built to begin with. Designing alliances with clarity keeps your leaders in the game for success.[/itemfa] [itemfa title=”Pathway #4: Gratitude” icon=”heart” a_fffect=”fadeInDown” color=”#26ade4″ style_bg=”Rounded” background=”#ffffff” border=”1px solid #26ade4″]Success requires a solid foundation. When leaders build a foundation of gratitude, the the height of they can can build is limitless.[/itemfa] [itemfa title=”Pathway #21: Centering” icon=”adjust” a_fffect=”fadeInDown” color=”#26ade4″ style_bg=”Rounded” background=”#ffffff” border=”1px solid #26ade4″]Leadership is critical cornerstone of any effective team. Leaders must first center themselves in order to make centered decisions for their business.[/itemfa]


About Mark Darren Gregor

Founder of IN™ — Coach | Consultant | Speaker


For nearly 25 years, Mark Darren Gregor’s intuitive insight, strategic perspective and unwavering belief in human potential has been the mainstay of his success — and resilience — as an executive thought-leader, consultant and coach. A direct and outspoken presence in any environment, Mark delivers executives the no-nonsense, yet inner-centered approach needed to get to the heart of professional breakdown and breakthrough.

Mark’s expertise is with high-potential leaders who possess great functional capacity, yet need to improve their tactical, collaborative and leadership skills as a key stakeholder. His approach works to deepen leaders’ foundation with proven tools, tips and practices needed to navigate our ever-changing new world. Mark’s clients consistently experience significant increase in confidence, clarity, resilience, executive presence, strategic thinking, self-regulation, fulfillment, effectiveness, functionality and overall professional performance.

Mark’s diverse business experience includes having led businesses and team in 23 countries worldwide, managing budgets that supported half-billion in annual revenue, launching multiple award-winning product lines, driving consecutive record-breaking increases in divisional performance, and spearheading the development of countless leadership programs. A consistent go-to executive resource, Mark delivers a unique combination of visionary macro perspective with exact micro sensibility and practicality.

Mark has sat on the board of, and been involved with, over 15 start-ups, charities and industry organizations. A dynamic and diverse professional, Mark’s expertise spans a myriad of industries including financial services, healthcare, technology, energy, legal, publishing, consumer products, entertainment, advertising and consulting. Mark is also a distinguished masters graduate of New York University, Co-Active® trained coach, ICF Professional Certified Coach, Landmark Education graduate, trained crisis counselor, NGLCC certified diversity supplier, ordained minister and prolific philanthropist. His passion for both professional and social development is only matched by a passion for living his own life boldly.

Today Mark leads IN™ out of his primary office in Fort Lauderdale, in between travel to clients, trainings and speaking engagements worldwide.



Education, Honors and Professional Credentials


  • Recipient of 2017 ICF Chair Award
  • Recipient of 2016 Top 100 Best Global Coaching Leaders Award
  • Masters, New York University, Communications & Human Behavior
  • Bachelors, UMass Amherst, Business Management & Marketing
  • Professional Certified Coach (ICF)
  • Graduate of Coaches Training Institute (CTI)
  • Nationally-Certified Diversity Supplier (NGLCC)
  • Trained Graduate of Landmark Education
  • Trained Wellness and Crisis Counselor
  • Graduate of The Global City and Media Ethnography Research Program
  • NYU Samuel Eshborn Award Graduate Honoree
  • Direct Marketing Education Foundation (DMEF) Honoree


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    IN Development™

    Virtual Leader Training Series

    IN Development™ is our virtual (or in-person) leadership training series that focuses on core competencies leaders need to be agile, strategic and thrive in today’s ever-changing new world.[/one-third] [one-third]


    IN Empowerment™

    Just-In-Time Executive Coaching

    IN Empowerment™ is our timely Executive Coaching service that transforms leader capability while providing clients trackability, scalability and measurability with their coaching investment.[/one-third] [one-third]


    IN Alignment™

    Career Transition Program

    IN Alignment™ is our virtual Career Transition Program that provides clients an ability to provide a cost-efficient, impactful and caring outplacement support for departing team members.[/one-third][/columns_container]