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IN Development™ is our proprietary leadership training designed to help organizations maximize productivity by teaching the insights, tools and tactics needed to optimize and empower leadership.


IN Empowerment™ is our Executive Coaching services designed to expand and deepen a leaders understanding of self and their ability to effectively engage, inspire and transform their impact from the ground up.


IN Alignment™ is our Self-Guided Carer Transition Program designed to have professionals go deeper in connecting with their inner sense of self to maximize career vision, planning and performance.


Leadership Training Executive Coaching Career Development

We believe every leader shares the same limitless potential because we were all born limitless. When leaders tap into the powerful knowing of their authentic, inner self, they begin to lead at a transformative and inspiring level.  And when leadership is transformative and inspiring, an organization's potential becomes unstoppable. More than ever, we passionately understand the importance of our work, and start each day recommitting to our mission:


"To foster a new age of transformative and inspiring leadership
by developing leaders who lead from the INSIDE out."


By uniquely overlaying Leadership Development Best Practices and our proprietary Integrative Mindfulness Model™, the IN™ Approach empowers leaders with not just insights, tips and tools needed to stay competitive in today's volatile market, but also, the inner foundation needed to create unwavering success no matter what challenges they may face on the road ahead. Through our specialized portfolio of trainings, programs and coaching, clients discover an unparalleled edge in maximizing performance, decreasing stress and deepening overall professional fulfillment. 

We are committed to BREAKTHROUGH for all

"It's not what happens in life. 
It's how you respond."

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All great leadership begins with a deep understanding of self. EQ is a critical skill for any leader looking to drive organizational success through inspiring relationship with self and others.


Having presence is not something everyone is born with. But it is something that can be developed through simple, yet impactful practices. Time to connect with your inner leader to create gravitas and power with the world around you.


Most struggle with communication because they don't yet recognize who communication is really about. To be a great communicator starts with being a great listener.


Finding mental balance in the midst of a chaotic work life can be challenging for even the most masterful leaders. Taking a moment to be mindful throughout your day can be transformative for both you and your team.


"What do I really want most?" is often the most difficult question most professionals ask themselves. Knowing what you want most can seem elusive, yet it is most often sitting right in front of us.


To inspire starts with first taking in a deep breath of inspiration. Learning how to masterfully breath into each of your decisions, and empowering your team to do the same, is the key to transformative business success.


If you want to influence anyone, you must start with who you are influencing. Influence is not a game of manipulation, but rather an opportunity to recognize the value of creating deep and meaningful relationship with those around you.


Our new virtual world can be exciting and daunting if you are new to working virtually. But with a little structure and focus, smart leaders are discovering they can make their new virtual environment more rewarding than they could have ever imagined.

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“I discovered a level of optimism, intuition and capability I've never experienced before. IN has been paramount in paving my career path. Any leader who is looking to access their next level, and ready to be bold and take the steps needed for success, will find a deep and insightful experience with IN."
Scott A.
VP, Technology
“In just a few months, IN has been instrumental in helping my team access another level of performance. They have gained clarity to seeing what they weren't seeing previously, and discovered how to create the delicate, yet necessary balance to take their game to the next level. Thank you to IN for helping my team discover their inner potential! ”
Alison J.
Head of Sales

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