We are pioneers in open-source leadership development, redefining global access to lasting breakthrough.
We offer clients an innovative portfolio of self-guided and expert-led services to align to any need, vision or budget.
Our sampling of case studies illustrates how we create lasting impact for business, political and social leaders globally.

IN Leadership™

Get started with FREE open-source Strategy Consulting services.

We believe that every client is unique, and no one size fits all. Therefore, we understand the importance of having a sounding board to explore your unique needs, ideas and vision.

We provide complimentary open-source strategy consulting services to all our organizational clients in honoring our mission to provide universal access to leadership development insight, resources and know-how. To schedule a preliminary consultation, simply CLICK HERE.

Case Studies

Our case studies speak for themselves!

You can rely on us!

Success is not only outcomes, but also having a partner that has your back.

High Quality Standards

We know that not all partners are created equal — in terms of opportunities and challenges. With years working in Leadership Development, we bring the highest standards to everything we do. If it is not the best, we will make it the best.

Expert Approach

We have worked with leaders in some of the biggest companies in the world, and understand that to be a leader takes much more than just a desire. Our approach is designed to get the heart of professional breakdown and breakthrough.

FREE Consulting Services

You heard that right! As an open-source organization, we believe that universal access is the critical first step. Therefore, we offer open-source Strategy Consulting to all our organizational clients to ensure you have the best game plan for achieving your goals.

Flexible Prices

We have deliberately designed our portfolio of services to meet each client exactly where they are at in regards to their desire of breakthrough and budget availability. With IN™ you will find just the right solution at just the right price.

Mark Darren Gregor, M.A., PCC
Certified Diversity Supplier
Founder / Lead Principle


Options to meet any need, vision or budget!

All BIG ideas start somewhere.

A straight line may be the shortest distance, but the explorative path is far more impactful.

Far too often leaders are told the key to success is speed. However, speed without awareness, perception and calibration can lead to a wreck.

Most of us never realize our full potential because we overlooked that success is not dependent on the road itself, but rather on the person driving our career — ourselves.

Therefore, we exist to give leaders access back to their full potential by helping them go deeper with understanding what is really driving their perspective, decisions and behavior “under their hood.”

FREE Strategy Consulting.

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How we work

A clear path to a clear outcome


Strategy Consulting

Get FREE expert consulting to help you better understand your needs, gaps and solutions to achieving your goals — regardless whether the solution be with us or another industry partner.



Once we’ve helped you define your high-level strategy, we will work with you to determine the best game plan to achieve your development goals via our services and/or those from other resources as needed. No matter what, your success is our priority.



While having a game plan is important, it’s in the implementation where the rubber truly meets the road. Depending on preference, we can manage the entire development journey, creating a seamless experience for you and your leaders.



We’re not done yet! We believe that knowing your return is as important as knowing your investment. So we create measures of success for every engagement to assess outcomes and opportunities to help your leaders continue on to their next level.

Our 100% Guarantee*

If your plan falls short, we will bridge the gap. That’s our promise to you.

Sometimes the best laid plans can fall short. Your industry faces a major market change; your organization decides to do a major re-org in the middle of your strategy; your leaders are struggling to prioritize their own development; a global pandemic comes out of nowhere.

We get it — in work, as in life, there are few guarantees. But what we can guarantee is that no matter what unexpected challenges you may face on the road ahead, we’ll partner with you every step of the way to ensure you have the support, insight and resources needed to achieve the impactful and lasting transformation you desire most for your leaders, and yourself.

IN Leadership™

Let us show you what we can do!

Nothing excites us more than to talk with new partners. Give us a chance to win you over and demonstrate how we can create truly transformative experiences for you and your leaders. Let’s bring universal access to all — contact us today.

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Int'l: +1 323 378 6746

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