As Mother Nature sheds the season’s last leaves — and Jack Frost begins to usher in winter’s return — I am reminded that serenity is the true kingdom we all seek We spend most our careers in constant motion. Working on this, moving towards that… in search of feeling good enough, worthy, deserving of having the serenity we incessantly seek. Yet, we discover this search is in jest. We look and ask, seek and pray, charge on and force forward. Only to find frustration and exhaustion at path’s end. For that which we seek already is and already present. Winter’s hold is the reminder that serenity is found in the stillness of our mind. That what we seek most is in fact the pause button of life. To be good enough without needing to be perfect. To be worthy without needing to be justified. To be deserving without needing to be proven. Our success in life is contingent on our ability to slow life itself — for in slowing, we discover we are already surrounded by the serenity we seek.

This blog posting was written by IN™ Founder, Mark Darren Gregor.

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