Efficiency is a fundamental concept in business. It allows for maximizing financial, material and staffing resources. Yet, in truth, it is limited (and only can be limited) for it is a construct of lack mentality. And when we function from lack mentality, possibility becomes limited.

For example, when you look at structures made from an “efficiency” standpoint (i.e. efficient design), the design will always be limited. Skyscrapers, for example, can be diverse to some degree, but only so diverse as to work within the constructs of efficiency. However, when structures are explored outside the scope of perceived efficiency (i.e. “inefficient”), then the design has the possibility of a previously un-realized level of diversity (and even efficiency) such as what we see in the awe-inspiring design of nature.

To master balancing efficiency and possibility, spend equal parts of your work week both creating efficient design and throwing efficient design out the window. In other words, create with efficient design in mind, and then brainstorm what would be possible if you challenged your mind to create without it. You may discover that your most advantageous design is actually outside the box of perceived efficiency.

This blog posting was written by IN™ Founder, Mark Darren Gregor.

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