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    IN Empowerment™

    Just-In-Time Executive Coaching For Busy Leaders


    Having worked as both Corporate executives and entrepreneurs ourselves, we deeply appreciate that being an effective leader requires having others in the game with you. But finding time to get others in the game with you is sometimes the biggest challenge. IN Empowerment™ was created to empower leaders with relevant, timely and engage-able executive coaching that gets them just the right amount of coaching at just the right time. Here leaders discover any ability to quickly elevate their leadership capabilities with minimal time investment. Coaching engagements can be designed around short and long-term goals, brief and extended coaching discussions, and scheduled and open-office session formats. For more information about our “Just-In-Time” approach, contact your IN™ Senior Consultant.


    Furthermore, clients gain access to three core benefits with IN Empowerment™:


    1. Trackability — receive regular reports on all your coaching engagements and how activities are progressing with each.


    2. Scalability — through our network for seasoned Executive Coaches, discover the experience of small-business attention and care with big business capability.


    3. Measurability — receive reports from every engagement which details the estimated impact to that leaders capability, as well as the likely result that impact has had (and will have) on the organization’s bottomline.




    Sample Executive Coaching Goals

    The following is a sample list of coaching goals most often explored in our engagements. This is just a sample list and not comprehensive of all topics that may be explored. If you would like to learn more about our Just-In-Time Executive Coaching services and potential coaching goals, simply contact us.

    • Executive Presence
    • Influencing Up & Down
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Strategic Thinking
    • Leadership Resilience
    • Relationship Building
    • Working From Home
    • Leading Through Uncertainty
    • Presentation Skills
    • Navigating Organizational Politics
    • Sales Strategy
    • Mindfulness
    • Team Leadership
    • Time Optimization & Delegation
    • Work-Life Balance
    • Career Visioning
    • Professional Brand & Identity
    • Business Acumen
    • Role Transition
    • Global Leadership Cross-Culture



    • 3 Pillars Of Leadership

      Get an insider’s understanding of how Goals, Values and Saboteurs play into leadership and mastery of it.

    • Individual Sessions

      Explore progress, what is next and what will be needed to create success as leaders move towards the next level of their career.

    • Weekly Action Items

      Goal-specific actions that will help leaders continually move towards their goals with clarity, structure and confidence.

    • Playback Recordings

      Re-listen to sessions to capture any critical insights that might have been missed during the coaching session.

    • Ongoing Email Support

      Get coaching support via email all week long anytime leaders feel stuck, lost or challenged in your Action Items or moving towards their goals.



    An Empowering Exploration Personalized Just-In-Time For Your Leaders.

    Have your leaders stop sitting on the sidelines and get themselves — and their leadership — back in the game. Let’s get your leaders just the right coaching at just the right time to complement their busy workdays.









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