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IN Development™

    IN Development™

    Inspired Training For Inspired Leaders


    You and your leaders share a common mission — to achieve goals that support self-sustainability and expanded growth. Aligning your shared mission is not only important to creating success; it is simply imperative. IN Development™ training series built upon our proprietary approach in transforming leaders from within. Our training model moves beyond outdated, one-dimensional methods by meeting and engaging leaders at their foundation — their sense of inner self. Through a variety of insights, tactics and tools, leaders discover an unparalleled edge in being unstoppable in any situation — any time, anywhere. Our approach is uniquely powerful because it is uniquely simple. It is simple because it works with your leader’s pre-existing foundation rather than trying to ineffectively force a foreign skill set on an already misaligned foundation. When leaders begin to deepen and leverage their foundation — and create a game play that engages that foundation — goals are not just achieved, they are surpassed. Let’s get your team back in the game by getting them back in THEIR game.

    Sample Virtual or In-Person Training Programs

    The following is a sample list of proprietary training programs we deliver. This is just a sample list and not a complete portfolio. If you would like to learn more about other training programs we can deliver, customize and/or develop for your specific need, simply contact us.

    • Executive Mindset: Holding Presence At The Helm
    • The Art of Influencing: Getting Buy-In With Ease
    • Emotional Intelligence: Self-Awareness To Self-Mastery
    • Logging In: Becoming & Leading A Remote Team
    • Maximizing The Unknown: Leveraging Opportunity In Times Of Uncertainty
    • Empowered Presentations: Mastering Confidence & Clarity When Presenting
    • Sales 101: Mechanics, Messaging & Mindset
    • The Mindful Leader: How To Decrease Stress While Increasing Performance
    • Customer Consciousness: Being Service Oriented For IT Professionals
    • Healthy Selling: Wellness For Sales & Marketing Professionals
    • The Art Of The Ask: The Power Of Strategic Questioning
    • Meeting Mastery: How To Maximize Meeting Effectiveness
    • Team Engagement: Inspiring Team Performance
    • Get Your Farming On: Mastering The Art Of Networking
    • Leveraging Loyalty: Maximizing Client Retention
    • The Power Of Knowing Your Why: Aligning With Values
    • Breaking Out Of The Box: Re-Creating Image by Transforming Your Story



    • Kickoff Webinar

      Virtual webinar with participants and key stakeholders to ground in the importance, relevance and intended outcomes of the program.

    • Workshop or Webinar

      Interactive, experiential training designed to establish the foundation and fundamentals needed to effectively master the competencies being explored.

    • Integration Sessions

      1:1 virtual sessions via video to help participants maximize their learning and accountability in putting their learning into practice during their workday.

    • Closing Webinar

      Virtual webinar to connect with participants to acknowledge their breakthroughs and successes, identify areas for continued development and discuss any remaining needs.

    • Feedback Questionnaire

      Simple questionnaire to both support the participant in thinking through their learning and breakthroughs, and provide the client measurable perspective on the program ROI.



    A Transformative Shift At A Foundational Level.

    Ready to move past cookie-cutter leadership development programs and get to the heart of what will really motivate your team? Discover the power of leadership from the INSIDE out.









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