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    Career Transition Program


    Many believe being “let go” is a commentary on their success in their career. However, in truth, departing an organization is often the most opportune moment for most professionals to create even greater success — and fulfillment — in their career. The key is getting out ahead of the distracting stories that keep us stuck chasing a completed past instead of moving towards our ever-more inspiring future. IN Alignment™ was created to provide a centering, empowering and inspiring career transition program for displaced team members in successfully navigating to their next career step. And while job search, resume development and interview strategy are components of the program, the program more importantly focuses on helping transitioning professionals get to their heart of their greatest potential — a potential is often well-beyond what they have ever considered for themselves before. This self-study virtual program design from over a decade of career transition coaching and research, helps participants re-discover themselves in a fundamental way. They experience a re-alignment to a deep inner clarity, confidence and power to maximize the limitless opportunities in front of them.


    IN Alignment™ Program Modules

    The following maps out the 15 modules that comprise this comprehensive and inspiring career transition program. Each of these modules are self-guided, but provide deep inquiries to expand self-awareness, self-inspiration and self-clarity.



    1 ::: Razing The Land Before You Begin

    This module has participants go through the important process of clearing out the physical, mental and emotional “stuff” of their past so they can better engage and have clarity in the next steps of their career.

    2 ::: Getting Complete With Your Last Position

    This module has participants identify what experiences or dynamics from their last position they want to bring forward into their new job, which they want to leave behind, and which they want to modify for a more fulfilling experience.

    3 ::: Preliminary Self-Assessment

    This module takes participants through a series of 15 deep inquiries begin to see who they have been, who they are and who they desire to be. It will also provide a context as where they are in the bigger picture of their life and career.

    4 ::: Grounding Your Transition Goals

    This module engages participants in a foundation discussion about goals, how to define them and the distinction between distracting and directional goals. This is where participants create an clear relationship to what they want to achieve, by when and why.




    5 ::: Getting Clear To Your True Values

    This module has participants get to know their values in an intimate way, dispelling assumptions that have them distracting, and highlighting truths that will help increase clarity as they move towards making significant decisions for their next step.

    6 ::: Calling Out Your Saboteurs

    This module helps participants get an understanding of their greatest competition on their playing field — their saboteurs. Through a process of identifying, naming and calling out their saboteurs, participants design the career path that minimizes sabotaging obstacles.

    7 ::: Writing The Story Of You

    This module has participants develop a personalized perspective on the legacy they want to create with their life and how their career supports that legacy. This is where participants discover unexpected miscalculations in previously conceived career visions.

    8 ::: Identifying Your Personal Flow Category

    This module helps participants identify and align to 4 personality types: person of taking action, person of making meaning, person of relating or person of organizing. This process gives participants another perspective to assess career options and which may be most fulfilling for them.




    9 ::: Getting Clear To The Difference Between Job and Career

    This module helps participants move beyond limited perspective and create a far more expansive understanding of what it means to be a professional, and the possibilities beyond what they have previously seen for themselves.

    10 ::: Getting Out The Income Box

    This module gets participants out of the limited-thinking box of only seeing one possible income channel and discover there are many creative ways they could generate income. Here participants often identify far more inspiring, and lucrative, ideas for their next career step.

    11 ::: The Entrepreneurial Mindset

    This module unleashes the entrepreneur in all of us. While obviously a valuable conversation for any participant considering starting their own business, this module is equally insightful for those who desire to thrive in an employed role since the entrepreneurial mindset is critical leadership competency in itself.

    12 ::: Doing What You Love Vs. Paying Your Bills

    This module has participants reconcile the common mis-belief that how one pays their bills should be driven by doing what they love and the mis-belief that doing what you love cannot have one pay their bills.

    13 ::: Mastering The Art Of Pivoting

    This module empowers participants with the invaluable skill of how to not only navigate a change in direction when needed, but also leverage the opportunities create by change (both in their current career transition circumstance and in life in general).

    14 ::: Creating Career Fulfillment Through Imperfect Contrast

    This module provides participants a critical understanding that no career, position, business or otherwise will ever be perfectly the way we want, and that to be fulfilled in our careers, we must first recognize that fulfillment is not based on things being perfectly the way we want, but rather, based on how we show up to things we do not want.




    15 ::: Preparing The Long & Short Game

    This module has participants appreciate that their values (and thereby their career vision) will change as they navigate life phases and the best game plan for the next step in their career is to ensure that game plan incorporates a balance with the longer game plan of their likely, if not inevitable life.

    16 ::: Making Your Decision

    This module creates a simple, yet critical pathway for participants to get clear to the best decision for the next step in their career, while reconciling the doubt that leave most trapped in indecisiveness.

    17 ::: Using The IN Alignment Decision-Making Tool™

    This module steps participants through our proprietary Decision-Making Tool to help participants create clarity through even the most confusing of choices. This tool helps many participants find their way out of the dark of sometimes overwhelming options and competing priorities.




    18 ::: Designing Your Job Search Strategy

    This module has participants look beyond antiquated “job search” approaches and recognize that these days, securing a job is about aligning to the job. Here participants discover tip, tools and approaches to optimizing their job search activity for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

    19 ::: Packaging Your Resume and Social Presence

    This module helps participants explore how to best package themselves to achieve their desired career transition goals. These activities include developing a strategic resume and identifying best use of social media channels.

    20 ::: Getting Your Farming On With Networking

    This module takes participants through career networking audit to identify the best approach and tools in the most critical function in any job search — networking. Here participants discover networking can be both far less painful and far more creative than they could have ever imagined.

    21 ::: Influencing Through Interview

    This module has participants understand that interviews are all about influence, and that influence is all about how we show up. Understanding the art of influencing others in interviews (and career and life in general) gives participants a critical upper edge in landing any interview they want.

    22 ::: Business Start-Up Fundamentals

    For participants who decided to start their own business, this module will provide participants the most important best practices in starting a new business to ensure they have a preliminary foundation for a successful venture.


    *Bonus Support Resource

    The following resource is include with all purchased programs to provide participants additional support as they navigate the program modules and career transition.


    All participants will receive access to monthly virtual group coaching sessions with a certified IN Alignment™ Career Coach to connect and learn with others. For clients purchasing 100+ user licenses, there is also the option to create client-specific community coaching sessions. For more information, simply ask your IN™ Senior Consultant.


    Optional Add-On Resources

    The following resources provide participants a variety of tools with which to to take their learning and mastery from the IN Alignment™ modules even deepen.



    For clients interested in providing a more intimate, hand-held transition experience for their departing team members, personalized 1:1 Career Coaching with a certified IN Alignment™ Career Coach can be added to any program (or select group of participants) upon request.



    For clients interested in adding an additional assessment resource to the program, we can add any third-party career assessment tool to the program upon request.



    • Our Mission

      To provide a centering, empowering and inspiring career transition program for departing team members to successfully navigate to their next career step.


    • Our Approach

      We provide a virtual self-study, cost-efficient program that has the option for add-on coaching and other services.


    • Our Outcomes

      Departing team members become far more empowered to not only transition their career, but truly transform their career.



    A Transformative Point Of Inspiration.

    Ready to make a real difference for your departing team members? Partner up with IN Alignment™ to provide the tools, resources and support need to help your departing team members successfully transition to their next career step.








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