Like so many, I spent years exhausting myself chasing jobs, titles and accolades hoping someday I would feel I had finally “arrived.” And then it dawned on me… TRUE leaders don’t wait to arrive. They simply create their arrival NOW. In other words, they figure out how to have fulfillment, peace-of-mind and success BE their journey rather than just a sought destination.

But somehow despite decades of education and tens of thousands in student loans, most of us professionals were never taught how to create deeply fulfilling and successful careers in the midst of our chaotic workdays. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time for a change!

I created IN™ to address this very gap and to empower a new age of successfully fulfilled leaders who remember their greatest professional asset is already pre-installed INSIDE.

Welcome to the new age of inspired leadership — welcome to IN™.

Mark Darren Gregor
Career & Executive Coach
Founder of IN™

Mark Darren Gregor

Founder of IN™ — Coach | Consultant | Speaker


For more than 20 years, Mark Darren Gregor’s intuitive insight, strategic perspective and unwavering belief in human potential has been the mainstay of his success — and resilience — as an executive thought-leader, consultant and coach. A direct and outspoken presence in any environment, Mark delivers executives the no-nonsense, yet spirit-centered approach needed to get to the heart of professional breakdown and breakthrough.

Mark’s executive expertise is with high-potential leaders who possess great functional capacity, yet need to improve their strategic, collaborative and leadership skills as a key stakeholder. His approach works to deepen a leader’s foundation with the tools and practices to navigate their ever-changing work environment. Mark’s clients consistently experience significant increase in executive presence, fulfillment, confidence, emotional intelligence, effectiveness, functionality and overall professional performance.

Prior to launching his own leadership development firm and joining Sloan Group International, Mark’s diverse business experience included leading teams in 23 countries worldwide, managing budgets that supported half-billion in annual revenue, launching multiple award-winning product lines, driving consecutive record-breaking increases in divisional performance, and spearheading the development of multiple training programs. A consistent go-to executive resource, Mark delivers a unique combination of unparalleled macro perspective with exact micro sensibility and practicality.

Mark has sat on the board of, and been involved with, over 15 start-ups, charities and industry organizations. A dynamic and diverse professional, Mark’s expertise spans a myriad of industries including finance, healthcare, technology, publishing, retail, and entertainment. Mark is also a distinguished masters graduate of New York University, Co-Active® trained coach, Landmark Education graduate, NGLCC certified diversity supplier and prolific philanthropist. His passion for both professional and social development is only matched by a passion for living his own life boldly.

Today Mark runs his leadership development firm and private coaching practice out of his office in Los Angeles, in between travel to clients, trainings and speaking engagements worldwide.

AREAS OF SPECIALTY: Change Management, Leadership Development, High-Potentials, Mindfulness, Millennials, Business Strategy, Executive Coaching, Career Development.



Education, Honors and Professional Credentials


  • Recipient of 2017 Chair Award
  • Recipient of 2016 Top 100 Best Global Coaching Leaders Award
  • 2017 Masters, New York University, Communications & Human Behavior
  • Bachelors, UMass Amherst, Business Management & Marketing
  • Professional Certified Coach (ICF)
  • Graduate of Coaches Training Institute (CTI)
  • Nationally-Certified Diversity Supplier (NGLCC)
  • Executive Coach with Karlin Sloan & Company (KS&C)
  • Trained Graduate of Landmark Education “Curriculum for Living”
  • Trained Wellness and Crisis Counselor
  • Graduate of The Global City and Media Ethnography Research Program
  • Graduate of Management BASIC Training Curriculum
  • NYU Samuel Eshborn Award Graduate Honoree
  • Direct Marketing Education Foundation (DMEF) Honoree






    IN Development™

    Leadership Training & Executive Coaching

    IN Development™ is our business leader development program designed to help organizations maximize leadership productivity by discovering how to inspiringly lead and perform from the INSIDE out.[/one-third] [one-third]


    IN Alignment™

    Career Coaching with Mark Darren Gregor

    IN Alignment™ is our personalized career coaching program designed to have professionals go deeper in connecting with their sense of inner self to unearth what they REALLY want most for their career.[/one-third] [one-third]


    IN Empowerment™

    The Institue For Inner Leadership

    IN Empowerment™ works with governments, NGOs and private-sector organizations globally to promote Inner Leadership practices to engage populations in transforming economic, political and social leadership.[/one-third][/columns_container]