Repeat customers are rarely created by simply delivering what is promised. They are created by delivering what is unexpected.

As children we learn to expect the unexpected. Whether it was a treat to our favorite ice cream shop, that surprise “must have” video game for our birthday, or that secret family vacation to Disney World, the childhood experience of the unexpected was a powerful memory of wonderment. And it is one that stays with us for life.

However, as we move in and through adulthood, life becomes ever more predictable. The wonder of it all begins to fade as we create a world of “security,” “stability” and routine. While the thought of losing wonderment can be downright depressing, for business owners, it’s a priceless opportunity. Reconnect your customers with their sense of wonderment, and you’ll connect them with a powerful inner child ready to say “yes.”

To create a sense of wonderment and keep your customers coming back time and again, give them a little something unexpected at every transaction. And change that little something each time. Give an unexpected free product (candy, download, etc.), an unexpected free discount (coupon, instant cash back, etc.) or simply unexpected free words of wisdom (affirmation, fortune, etc.). The act of giving the unexpected will keep your customers in wonderment, and looking forward to their next transaction with you.

This blog posting was written by IN™ Founder, Mark Darren Gregor.

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