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Creating A New Path To Inspired Leadership


You and your leaders share a common mission — to achieve goals that support self-sustainability and expanded growth. Aligning your shared mission is not only important to creating success; it is simply imperative. IN Development™ Workshops, Executive Coaching and Assessments are built upon our innovative approach in transforming leaders from the INSIDE out. Our training model moves beyond outdated, one-dimensional methods by meeting and engaging leaders at their foundation — their sense of inner spirit. Through a variety of services, leaders discover an unparalleled edge in being unstoppable in any situation, any time, anywhere.

Our approach is uniquely powerful because it is uniquely simple. It is simple because it works with your leader’s pre-existing foundation rather than trying to ineffectively force a foreign skill set on an already misaligned foundation. When leaders begin to deepen and value their foundation — and create a game play that leverages that foundation — goals are not just achieved, they are surpassed. Let’s get your team back in the game by getting them back in THEIR game from the INSIDE out.


Our Speciality

Creating Mindfully Masterful Leaders

As budgets shrink, responsibilities expand and speed accelerates, today’s business environment is a guaranteed path of burnout for even those most diligent leader. The IN™ Approach provides leaders a critical breath of fresh air to help reduce stress, increase clarity and provide the wisdom to make the most prudent decisions in these volatile and ever-changing times. Furthermore, the stretching generational workforce between Baby Boomers and Millennials has left most organizations struggling to find a universal tool to help empower their leaders at all levels. Because The IN™ Approach works with a leader’s inner foundation rather than trying to build upon inconsistent learned skills, it provides a uniquely applicable solution no matter where your leaders level of professional


IN™ is a nationally-certified Diversity Supplier





4 Leadership Development Services To Meet Your Needs

Choose Whichever Best Meet Your Needs


Service One

3-Module Seminar Series

For leaders who seek a more effective approach to team leadership, the IN Development™ Foundation Series is powerful three-part introduction to the skills, tools and practices in leading from the INSIDE Out. Here leaders discover what will have them create the foundation to successfully address any challenge, in any situation — and most importantly, stay centered through it all. This is about more than just learning new skills, it is about how leaders can create fulfillment, peace-of-mind and success each and every workday.[/one-fourth] [one-fourth]

Service Two

Competency Workshops

For leaders who are looking to develop specific competencies, our 3-Hour IN Development™ Competency Workshops provide an insight in how to bring forth and empower their individual skills. Some competencies include, but are not limited to, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, team motivation and dedication, meeting management, separating story from facts, visioning, team training, and many more. There are no pre-requisits for workshops and can be an easy way to inspire your leaders.[/one-fourth][one-fourth]

Service Three

1:1 Executive Coaching

For leaders who desire a deeper, more personalized exploration, Executive Coaching will help them put their new skills, tools and practices into active play. Through powerful inquiries, discussion and action items, leaders will begin to see their performance from a new perspective and create the customized game plans needed to have their team achieve goals by leading (and working) from the INSIDE out. (Note: Coaching can be tailored for managers and directors in addition to traditional executive positions.)[/one-fourth][one-fourth]

Service Four

Team Assessment

For leaders who know something is not working within their team, but who are struggling to determine what exactly is at the heart of the breakdown, we offer a comprehensive Team Assessment. This Assessment — made up of 360 interviews, team surveys, structural modeling and discussions with key stakeholders — delivers leaders critical insight into what is working, what is not working, and what might be needed to at a foundational level get their team back in the game. This is the first step to any inspiring team breakthrough.[/one-fourth] [/columns_container]


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OR . . . Why Not Go All IN?

Experience The Benefits Of A Complete Leadership Development Engagement



For those organizations looking for a broader, more comprehensive engagement for their team, division or organization as a whole, we offer a Complete Leadership Development Engagement. Ranging from 6-12 months, the Complete Leadership Development Engagement immerses an IN Development™ Leadership Coach directly within your team to identify how to leverage the IN™ Approach in your team’s workday to dramatically improve overall team effectiveness, communication and moral. Once recommendations are complete, your IN Development™ Coach can then lead implementation of recommendations including creating and delivering customized Competencies Workshops, overseeing meeting facilitation, conducting Individual 1:1 Coaching for key stakeholders and providing ongoing support to departmental supervisors. With the Complete Leadership Development Engagement, you get powerful and comprehensive Leadership Development engagement that will have your entire team begin to transform their performance from the INSIDE out.






Our Approach Works Because We …


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[itemfa title=”Create Transformation At A Foundational Level” icon=”anchor” color=”#ffffff” a_fffect=”fadeIn” style_bg=”Circle” background=”#26ade4″ border=”1px solid #26ade4″]Insight is irrelevant if it is not relevant to you. We work with your leaders at a level that has them move beyond traditional surface-level development conversation to deepen it at their core. For it is only at our core that true transformation becomes sustainable and permanent.[/itemfa]

[itemfa title=”Focus On Being More Than Doing ” icon=”heart” color=”#ffffff” a_fffect=”fadeInLeft” style_bg=”Circle” background=”#26ade4″ border=”1px solid #26ade4″]Results never change in our knowledge. Results change in our action. IN Development™ programs are designed to have your leaders not only access a new level of insight, but also, and more importantly, how to translate that insight into creating the results they actually intend.[/itemfa]

[itemfa title=”Break The “Cookie-Cutter” Development Mold” icon=”unlink” color=”#ffffff” a_fffect=”fadeIn” style_bg=”Circle” background=”#26ade4″ border=”1px solid #26ade4″]Products and services can be automated, humans cannot. Our unique development approach leverages each leader’s unique skill set rather than ineffectively assuming one model works for all. Our goal is to help your leaders identify what will work for them regardless of what may work for others.[/itemfa]

[itemfa title=”Deliver Practical Tools And Tips” icon=”list-ol” color=”#ffffff” a_fffect=”fadeInRight” style_bg=”Circle” background=”#26ade4″ border=”1px solid #26ade4″]There is a big difference between leadership tools that are powerful and those that are actually practical. With the IN Development™ approach, your leaders will learn skills, tools and practices that are as practical as they are powerful. And even better, those that can be applied each and every workday.[/itemfa]

[itemfa title=”Deepen Training With Coaching Distinctions” icon=”arrow-down” color=”#ffffff” a_fffect=”fadeInRight” style_bg=”Circle” background=”#26ade4″ border=”1px solid #26ade4″]Training focuses on education where as coaching focuses on how to apply that education. Incorporating both training and coaching distinctions, the IN Development™ approach delivers a uniquely unified experience that interweaves these two powerfully transformative disciplines.[/itemfa]

[itemfa title=”Make It FUN!” icon=”smile” color=”#ffffff” a_fffect=”fadeInRight” style_bg=”Circle” background=”#26ade4″ border=”1px solid #26ade4″]We don’t want to sit through a boring development program any more than you do. Therefore we create thought-provoking and memorable engagements to have your leaders fully engaged by what they are learning. And by doing so, having them bring that same level of engagement back into their daily work.[/itemfa]




Development Designed For The Leader In All Of Us




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What You Get With Our 3-Module Workshop Series

Bonus Training Resources To Inspire Leaders Even Deeper



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[itemfa title=”Workshop Guidebook” icon=”search” color=”#26ade4″ a_fffect=”fadeIn” style_bg=”Rounded” background=”#ffffff” border=”1px solid #26ade4″]To provide your team a follow-along and take-home resource to capture and study the insights, tools and breakthroughs they will access during the Workshop Series.[/itemfa]

[itemfa title=”Daily Practice Workbook ” icon=”book” color=”#26ade4″ a_fffect=”fadeInLeft” style_bg=”Rounded” background=”#ffffff” border=”1px solid #26ade4″]To help your team personalize what they got out of the Workshop Series so they can practically incorporate it back into their daily workflow.[/itemfa]

[itemfa title=”Membership to IN Empowerment™” icon=”group” color=”#26ade4″ a_fffect=”fadeInRight” style_bg=”Rounded” background=”#ffffff” border=”1px solid #26ade4″]To support your team in staying centered and in practice with being an effective and empowered professional.[/itemfa]






Training At The Office — Or Take It On The Road

You Pick Whichever Workshop Location Inspires Your Leaders Most



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[itemfa title=”In-Office — Stroll Down The Hall” icon=”forward” color=”#ffffff” a_fffect=”fadeIn” style_bg=”Rounded” background=”#26ade4″ border=”1px solid #26ade4″]Convenient and cost-effective, we can produce the training in your office conference room (as long as there’s adequate space for participants).[/itemfa]

[itemfa title=”In-Building — Keep It On Property” icon=”arrow-down” color=”#26ade4″ a_fffect=”fadeInLeft” style_bg=”Rounded” background=”#ffffff” border=”1px solid #26ade4″]Many office complexes nowadays offer shared community spaces such as screening rooms, seminar theaters and event spaces. We can help you identify which on-property spaces may be best fit for your needs.[/itemfa]

[itemfa title=”3rd Party — Get Out Of The Office” icon=”external-link” color=”#ffffff” a_fffect=”fadeInRight” style_bg=”Rounded” background=”#26ade4″ border=”1px solid #26ade4″]We can help you identify outside 3rd Party venues in your local area that have training space available for rental. We’ll even help you negotiate to ensure you get the best rate.[/itemfa]

[itemfa title=”Special Venue — Make It Unique” icon=”heart” color=”#26ade4″ a_fffect=”fadeInRight” style_bg=”Rounded” background=”#ffffff” border=”1px solid #26ade4″]We love leaving an impression, and an impressive training space can speak volumes. We can help you identify unique, engaging and fun event spaces to make your training not just powerful, but a truly memorable experience for all.[/itemfa]

[itemfa title=”Hotel — Do It Old School” icon=”building” color=”#ffffff” a_fffect=”fadeInRight” style_bg=”Rounded” background=”#26ade4″ border=”1px solid #26ade4″]You know your company, and you know hotels work best for your training needs. So we’re in the game to help you source a hotel that can provide a professional and engaging space for your team training.[/itemfa]

[itemfa title=”Destination — Let’s Get Away” icon=”plane” color=”#26ade4″ a_fffect=”fadeInRight” style_bg=”Rounded” background=”#ffffff” border=”1px solid #26ade4″]Sometimes you just need to change your environment all together to have your team be focused. We can help you identify a variety of unique destination venues anywhere worldwide to meet your team’s needs.[/itemfa]


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The IN Development™ Satisfaction Guarantee

Your Fulfillment Is Our Number One Priority



With IN Development™ Workshop Series, Executive Coaching and Team Assessments, your return on investment is guaranteed. We are committed to you and your managers benefiting from real transformation, not just a “quick fix” appearance of transformation. It is for this reason we back everything we do with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We work closely with you and your team to ensure we create the most powerful, accessible and engaging experience for everyone. If you ever find that our services or training is falling short of your expectations, simply let us know and we will work with you to make adjustments to ensure you get the experience you want for your team and organization. For more information about our Satisfaction Guarantee, simply contact us.




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