As someone who has worked extensively in both “Corporate America” and as an entrepreneur, I deeply appreciate that figuring out how to be fulfilled in our careers is not as simple as most people might want to make it. While the fantasy of quitting our jobs to pursue our passions may sound like the best decision, in truth, doing so without a clear game plan — and clear understanding of what we truly want most — will usually leave us with little more fulfillment than where we started. And likely tens of thousands of dollars in more debt.

I don’t know about you, but I believe it’s time for a change! I created IN Alignment™ to provide professionals the powerful coaching insight needed to get to the heart of professional breakdown and breakthrough. Here you will re-discover yourself in ways you could have never imagined — re-aligning to inner clarity, confidence and power to turn any dream into the deeply fulfilling and successful endeavor you desire most.
Let’s get you back in YOUR game!

Mark Darren Gregor
Career & Executive Coach
Founder of IN™

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The 7 Mastered Practices Of Inspired Professionals


Align Your Goals With Inner Boldness

Most of us stop with what is reasonable. The most fulfilled and successful business professionals step out of their comfort zone and create bold goals that match the true outer realm of their most powerful self.


Align Your Values With Inner Desire

Fulfillment is directly related to how much we experience our Values. The more we align our choices with the Values that are most important to us, the more we will experience fulfillment in our careers, or any area of life.


Align Your Saboteurs With Inner Focus

To be human means to have Saboteurs — there are no exceptions. When we get in the game for identifying and calling out our Saboteurs, we create the possibility of remaining focused on achieving our goals.


Align Your Gratitude With Inner Foundation

When we build on foundation wrought with negative cracks, our temple will surely crumble. However, when we build on foundation focused on what IS good, then we can build monumental skyscrapers.


Align Your Beliefs With Inner Truth

What we believe defines our experience. When we stop and question what we believe, we are able to identify which beliefs are actually empowering vs. those that are detrimental to having the life we desire most.


Align Your Intuition With Inner Wisdom

The best path is always being intuitively mapped out for us. When we learn how to quiet our mind and listen for that inner wisdom, we create a direct line of sight to achieving our goals.


Align Your Accountability With Inner Connection

Without accountability, our Saboteurs can run rampant on our playing field. Creating accountability structures allow us to stay focused, committed and in the game for achieving what we want most.


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Choose One, Two… Or All Three!


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[itemfa title=”CAREER CLARITY
What Do I REALLY Want?” icon=”lightbulb” color=”#26ade4″ a_fffect=”fadeIn” style_bg=”Rounded” background=”#ffffff” border=”1px solid #26ade4″]For those who have no clue what will have them be fulfilled, yet determined to figure it out, this Coaching Track provides a powerful exploration into what will have you jumping out of bed for work each morning.[/itemfa]

[itemfa title=”CAREER TRANSITION
How Do I Actually Get There?” icon=”random” color=”#26ade4″ a_fffect=”fadeInLeft” style_bg=”Rounded” background=”#ffffff” border=”1px solid #26ade4″]For those who already know what they want for the next step in their career, but simply don’t know where to start or how to get there, this Coaching Track will help you create the game plan for a successful transition.[/itemfa]

How Do I Maximize My Results?” icon=”dashboard” color=”#26ade4″ a_fffect=”fadeInRight” style_bg=”Rounded” background=”#ffffff” border=”1px solid #26ade4″]For those already in fulfilling careers, but who are simply struggling with how to get to next level, this Coaching Track will help you identify and develop the skills to impress not only others, but most importantly, yourself.[/itemfa]





A Coaching Structure As Easy As 1-2-3

Once you have chosen your Coaching Track (or Tracks), we embark on a powerful exploration of what will have you successfully achieve your coaching goals. Through a 3-point weekly coaching structure of Sessions, Action Items and Self-Mastery Practices, you will create laser focus in taking one empowered step after the next. You will also discover endless opportunities to practice The 7 Mastered Practices of Inspiring Professionals so you can create your next breakthrough anytime you choose.


Component One

50-Minute Coaching Session

Each week we have a personalized coaching session to explore what progress you have made towards your coaching goals, what is working vs. not working, brainstorm what may be your next most powerful steps and what will be needed to have you successfully take those steps towards your coaching goals.[/one-third] [one-third]

Component Two

“Move-It-Forward” Action Items

Results never change with knowledge. They change when we actually put that knowledge into action. Therefore, each week we will have you define specific actions you can take that week to have you progress towards your stated coaching goals within the timeframe you most desire.[/one-third] [one-third]

Component Three

Workday Self-Mastery Practices

To ensure you get the results you intend most requires first re-connecting with your inner truth. Therefore, in addition to your weekly Action Items, you will also have opportunities to identify simple workday practices to keep yourself in the game no matter what challenges you may face on the road ahead.[/one-third][/columns_container]


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“I’ve worked with Mark over the course of the last year. Moving through a self-imposed career change, Mark’s coaching and mentoring truly helped me to chart and meet deadlines via my heart and passions. I worked through a great deal of fear, but finally came to the place I was always meant to be. I’m five months into my new career and am making it happen in my new professional scene. Taking the leap and taking the reigns of your life is an amazing place to be, and I thank Mark for his encouragement and ‘keeping me honest’ through the process.”
Steve S. | National Sales Manager
Sage Publications


“Mark has the most optimistic, intuitive and intelligent outlook on life and business than anyone I know. I had the pleasure of meeting Mark about 4 years ago and he’s been paramount in paving my career path to where it is today. Whether through countless hours of guidance and pep talk or by helping me focus on what I want to do I was able to define my actions to help me reach my goals. He is hardworking, enthusiastic and truly, wholeheartedly believes in his coaching so you know you are looked after with the utmost professionalism, excitement and care. Anyone who knows where they want to be but unsure how to get there and is ready to take the risks and steps will successfully gain from his coaching.”
Eldar R. | Chief Executive Officer


“In just a few months, Mark has been instrumental in helping me shift from leaving a 12-year career in the design field to starting my own business. Through Mark’s coaching, I gained clarity to seeing what I hadn’t seen before. I was afraid of making powerful choices because I was afraid to make mistakes. In other words, as long as I didn’t try, I didn’t have to worry about failing. But that also meant there was no opportunity for success. I also saw how much I was over-extending myself for others, but never for myself. Working with Mark provided me objective insight to create the delicate, yet necessary balance I needed most. Mark has given me the skills to accomplish tasks, prioritize values, and overcome saboteurs — all leading to making bold and powerful change in my career. As a result, I am now achieving goals I never thought was possible. I am truly grateful to Mark for helping me discover ME!”
Katrina C. | Business Owner
Cordeta Styling


“Mark personally has helped me attain a position — in a relatively short time — with a company that is truly aligned with my personal and business values. He helped me to identify my core strengths and leverage my skills to build a career in a company that is ranked 22nd on Fortune magazine’s list of, “The World’s Most Admired Companies.” I think one of the most influential statements Mark has ever said to me was when I asked him how he achieved his own personal career goals. He said, “Money was never a factor, I always followed my passion and never really thought of failure.” Mark’s multifaceted business experience in combination with his exceptional coaching credentials provide him a rare perspective. Additionally, Mark is a avid believer in a solid wellness philosophy that incorporates the power of the mind-spirit connection. He lives what he preaches and is a product of his own successful career (and life) model. I would highly recommend Mark as a career coach. As I can speak from personal experience in working with him, he will help you re-discover passion in what you’re doing while also giving you the tools you need to achieve your goals.”
Christina B. | Executive Team Leader





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When You Enroll Within 7 Days of Your Free Consultation*








[toggle title_open=”Q: What Does Coaching Look Like From Week To Week?” title_closed=”Q: What Does Coaching Look Like From Week To Week?” hide=”yes” include_excerpt_html=”yes”]Each week will consist of a 50-minute Coaching Session, Action Items and Self-Mastery Practices. You will also have access to Playback Recordings, Resume & Job Search Strategies and opportunities to explore any challenges that may be coming up for your in your career or other areas of your life. For more detailed information about each of these components, please review the section above called “THEN DIVE INTO YOUR COACHING WEEKS”[/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Q: How Is Career Coaching Unique Compared To Other Types of Services?” title_closed=”Q: How Is Career Coaching Unique Compared To Other Types of Services?” hide=”yes” include_excerpt_html=”yes”]Career Coaching vs. Career Counseling
Where Career Counseling is primarily focused on how to secure a job, Career Coaching is more focused on how to actually be empowered, fulfilled and successful in career regardless of the specific job. While resume and job search strategies are a part of the IN Alignment™ resources, they are only one part of the many benefits of this unique and powerful program.

Career Coaching vs. Therapy
Where Therapy is about exploring, processing and diagnosing past experiences, Coaching is about forwarding action in the present moment and deepening effectiveness in creating future results. IN Alignment’s underlying premise is that focusing on what you want will always produce more aligned results going forward than simply focusing on what you don’t want or what’s wrong from the past.

Career Coaching vs. Consulting
Where Consulting is exclusively about focusing on the actions that need to be taken, Coaching is more importantly about “transforming” our effectiveness IN actually taking those actions. In other words, Consulting is about what we’re DOING and Coaching is about who we’re BEING in what we are doing.

Career Coaching vs. Athletic Coaching
Where Athletic Coaching is about pushing/forcing an athlete to master greatness, Career Coaching is about empowering the coachee to remember they are naturally creative, resourceful and whole, and have all the intelligence, motivation and ability to create their breakthroughs for themselves. The Coach’s responsibility in this relationship is to create an authentic and safe space for exploration, ask powerful questions and ensure the exploration stays focused on defined goals. The Coachee’s responsibility in this relationship is to come to each session having fully studied all previous coaching notes, completed all Action Items and Daily Practices, and be prepared with what will be needed to achieve their stated coaching goals.[/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Q: How Is IN Alignment™ Different Than Other IN™ Programs?” title_closed=”Q: How Is IN Alignment™ Different Than Other IN™ Programs?” hide=”yes” include_excerpt_html=”yes”]Where IN Development™ is designed to develop leaders within organizations and IN Empowerment™ is designed to provide simple daily tools to be empowered in members’ current work positions, IN Alignment™ is designed for those who want personalized, 1:1 coaching to explore what may be the next steps and/or breakthroughs for their career.[/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Q: How Much Does It Cost?” title_closed=”Q: How Much Does It Cost?” hide=”yes” include_excerpt_html=”yes”]IN Alignment™ was designed to provide clients a powerful resource in creating their career breakthroughs. Coaching is offered in 6, 12 and 18-week packages depending on the needs and goals a client identifies during their free Phone Consultation. Rates are competitive and a valuable return on investment given the depth of insight you will get in coaching. For specific rate information, please send a inquiry via the Contact Form.[/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Q: What Are The Payment Options?” title_closed=”Q: What Are The Payment Options?” hide=”yes” include_excerpt_html=”yes”]To offer coaching packages a significantly discounted rate, all IN Alignment™ packages are retainer-based. This means full payment is due at the start of the program. With that said, all clients have the option to make (1) lump-sum retainer installment or break it out into (3) installments with a noted surcharge. Forms of accepted payment include cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, and PayPal. PayPal also offers a special financing plan option that allows up to 6 months of no-interest credit. For more information about the PayPal financing options or any other payment option questions, please send a inquiry via the Contact Form.[/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Q: What Happens If I Decide I Don’t Want To Continue?” title_closed=”Q: What Happens If I Decide I Don’t Want To Continue?” hide=”yes” include_excerpt_html=”yes”]As long as a client communicates before end of first session that they prefer not to continue with coaching, they will only be responsible for that first session at the standard coaching rate. Should a client decide to not continue with coaching for any reason after the first session or during the retainer timeframe, the balance of their retainer will be held in their account as credit for up to 12 months from the program start date, during which time the client may apply that credit towards future coaching sessions or transfer to a new client.[/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Q: Can I Just Do Individual Sessions?” title_closed=”Q: Can I Just Do Individual Sessions?” hide=”yes” include_excerpt_html=”yes”]In my years of experience doing this deep foundational work, I have come to appreciate that individual sessions are not only ineffective, but quite honestly, a disservice to the client themselves. Therefore, I do not offer one-off coaching sessions specific to general career exploration. However, I do offer one-off coaching sessions for anyone already exceptionally clear to what they want and their game plan, but who simply desire a quick resume, interview or job search strategy session. For more information about one-off coaching rates, please send a inquiry via the Contact Form.[/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Q: Is This The Same As Executive Coaching?” title_closed=”Q: Is This The Same As Executive Coaching?” hide=”yes” include_excerpt_html=”yes”]To clarify, IN Alignment™ career coaching is specifically designed for individual business professionals who are looking to explore the next steps for their career outside of any direct involvement from their company. Executives or organizations looking for more traditional Executive Coaching services will be best suited for our IN Development™ program. For more information about IN Development™ and our Executive Coaching services, please send a inquiry via the Contact Form. [/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Q: What Does Coaching Track 1 Look Like?” title_closed=”Q: What Does Coaching Track 1 Look Like?” hide=”yes” include_excerpt_html=”yes”]If you ask a 5-year-old what they want, they won’t hesitate screaming at the top of their lungs the ice cream, skateboard or doll they so desperately want. But if you ask an adult the same question, they shrivel in strangled thought of what they really want. Why is that?

As adults, we’ve been trained to focus on all the “lack-based” reasons we’re not capable, not free to, not deserving of having what our soul really wants. We get so caught up in our mind’s storm of fear, doubt and unworthiness that we can’t even see the light of day. We then create limited “realities” that are no more real (and in fact less real) than our childhood dreams.

This Coaching Track is designed to help you get back in the game of knowing what’s right for you in an instant. To be able to answer the question “what do I REALLY want” without hesitation. To be self aware in knowing what you are here to do, and not being afraid to say so. In other words, to have you reconnect with your empowered, fearless and PURPOSEFUL 5-year-old self.[/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Q: What Does Coaching Track 2 Look Like?” title_closed=”Q: What Does Coaching Track 2 Look Like?” hide=”yes” include_excerpt_html=”yes”]The first myth in regards to career transition is that to have what you REALLY want only requires a vision board and setting of intention. In my experience, there is far more complexity to the results game. Simply knowing what you want doesn’t mean it’s just going to magically appear. In the reality of our tangible, 3-dimensional world, there’s an unique balance of intention AND action required to have us manifest our dream careers.

career transition pathway The second myth is that there is only one path to greatness. However, when we work from our deep sense of PURPOSE, we discover there are infinite pathways to any dream. Creating the path that will leverage your skills, minimize your weaknesses and most importantly align with your purpose, will dramatically increase your rate of success.

This Coaching Track is designed to help you map a strategic, practical and empowered game plan in manifesting what you REALLY want in your career. Here you will not only discover how to master creating the path of least resistance, but also master how to leverage your sense of purpose in making broad strides towards a fulfilling career. To have the path be bold and powerful, yet simple and manageable. This is about having you define the game your soul wants to play — and winning at it![/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Q: What Does Coaching Track 3 Look Like?” title_closed=”Q: What Does Coaching Track 3 Look Like?” hide=”yes” include_excerpt_html=”yes”]First rule in being effective – KNOW YOUR TARGET. Many professionals find themselves working hard, but lose track of why they are doing what they’re doing — in other words, their PURPOSE. Being an effective professional is about clearly and intimately knowing your target (your purpose) and then developing the most efficient pathway to it.

The first step in this process is aligning with the playing field you are want to play on. Us professionals will often think we are aiming for one Career Performance Dartboardtarget when in fact we are on trajectory for a completely different target. Then we are surprised when our results look different than what we intended. The second step is to get so skillful with our tool (our approach) that we become ever more consistent in hitting are target.

This Coaching Track is designed to have you skillfully master how to create the most efficient trajectory towards your goals. To get you out of the ineffective game of shooting blindly and into the game of knowing exactly where you are shooting and why. To have you so immersed (and effective) in strategy purpose that you inspire everyone around you to get in the game as well. In other words, to be the purposeful, successful and inspiring professional you were born to be.[/toggle]





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