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The IN Approach

Why Inspire Leaders From Within?

Although most seek to create inspiring leadership from the outside in, history has consistently demonstrated this is a false path. External tools fade with time. The most profound “outer” skills are transient at best. What is permanent is the source of unwavering confidence, clarity and resilience that lies WITHIN.

By uniquely overlaying leadership best practices with our proprietary Integrative Mindset Model™, the IN Approach empowers leaders with not just time-tested insights, tools and practices, but also the inner foundation needed to create unwavering success no matter what challenges they may face on the uncertain road ahead. Through our diverse portfolio of services, clients discover an unparalleled edge in decreasing leadership fatigue, increasing strategic innovation and deepening capacity to navigate an age of constant and uncertain change.


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How Does It Work?


Leadership Best Practices

Developing empowered leaders is fundamental to the health and growth of an organization. With years of hands-on executive coaching and leadership development experience, we provide leaders best practice insights, tools and tactics for being an engaging and effective leader. Some of the most common development competencies we help leaders master include, but are not limited to, executive presence, influencing up and down, strategic thinking, team leadership, innovation, emotional intelligence, workday performance, relationship building, time management, organizational politics, communication, change leadership, managing conflict, problem solving, and self confidence.


Our Inner Mindset Model™

Our proprietary Inner Mindset Model™ (IMM) is a value-add to any of our services, and is designed to help leaders optimize their mental capacity — especially during times of constant change. The IMM model consist of three primary practices: 1) Contextual Clearing 2) Awareness Gathering 3) Affirmative Execution. These practices are both mutually exclusive and exponentially sequential. Mutually exclusive in that any one pillar can transform limited-thinking and shift un-serving behavior within itself. Exponentially sequential that the net effect of practicing these 3 practices in sequence becomes exponential in outcome. The following is an overview each practice and what it looks like in the context of one’s workday.


  1. Contextual Clearing
    The objective of this practice is to “sweep” out the thoughts, judgments, beliefs or other mental distractions that cloud a leader’s mind from its most optimized state. This practice can take many forms from quick pulse techniques to comprehensive mind-centering practices. No matter which practice a leader chooses, the outcome is always greater clarity, insight and prudence in decision-making and actions.
  2. Awareness Gathering
    The objective of this practice is to have leaders see the reality of situations, relationships, or challenges so they can better assess the best course of action. When leaders decisions without first separating the facts from their story about the facts, their decisions are founded on incomplete assumptions at best, if not all-out fantasy. These assumptions lead to gaps in logic, and breakdown in business performance. This Awareness Gathering practice shores up gaps and ensures a secure and effective path towards business goals.
  3. Affirmative Execution
    The objective of this practice is to drive the best outcome of executed business actions so as to eradicate retrograde tendencies. It is human to focus on the past (moving backward) when we think we are focusing on the future (moving forward). Affirmative Execution is a practice by which leaders pull their teams forward free of the undermining fears or stories that keep many teams in a static “mud.” When a leader outwardly affirms their executing vision, they create subconscious relationship to that vision for their team, which as a byproduct inspires greater action, follow-through and outcome.



  • Leadership Begins With Self-Leadership

    The most powerful leadership is one that begins with a deep sense of inner power, clarity and confidence.

  • The Answer Is Always Already Present

    Most spend careers chasing answers that distract them from seeing the answer is already in front of them.

  • Inspiration Starts With Whom You Choose To Be

    When leaders take action from a place of authenticity, the ability to inspire and influence others become second nature.

  • Curiosity Is The Secret Fuel Of Leadership Success

    Leaders who remain curious are those who drive innovation, mitigate risks and embolden possibilities.






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