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IN Empowerment™

    IN Empowerment™ — Launching 2018!

    The Institute For Inner Leadership


    You and your population share a common mission — to achieve wellness, self-sustainability and advancement for the benefit of all. However, most populations are provided little training and resource in how to actually engage that mission. The Institute for Inner Leadership operates in the field of economic, political and social leadership, transforming the capacity and potential of populations from the INSIDE out.
    We work with governments, NGOs and private-sector organizations globally to help inspire and empower a new age of advancement by elevating human capacity for unparalleled innovation and problem-solving. Our virtual and in-person programs are subsidized by public, non-profit and private partners, and are designed to deepen learning while expanding access to that learning.


    The Importance Of Definition

    We define LEADERSHIP as whom one chooses to BE in the world. For it is in our being that true inspiration is expressed, experienced and felt for the benefit of All.

    We define CAREER as what one CREATES in the world. It is not just what do one may do to make money. Career is about the unique creation one brings to the planet. And that creation always has global impact regardless of whether it is directly expressed and experienced at the individual, local, national or global level. For every drop in the ocean must, and always does, expand the ocean.

    We define PROFESSION as what one PROFESSES in the world. It is rooted in an understanding the one’s greatest legacy will not be what they create, but rather, what they confidently stand for in the world. To have true legacy, one must know what they profess. And do so with an unapologetical knowing.

    We define POWER as the ability to be the CAUSE of the effect in the world. To move beyond perceived limitation, challenge or victimhood, and employ the law of Cause & Effective to effortlessly inspire extraordinary change.


    Sample Case Scenarios

    Scenario 1: A government with an emerging economy struggling to be competitive in the global marketplace, and need to build a workforce capable of leading innovation, including both small and big business solutions.

    Scenario 2: An NGO providing aid to women disenfranchised by their regional cultural norms, and need a way to help shift them from limited or victim mentality to an empowered, unstoppable mindset.

    Scenario 3: A non-profit working with a disempowered population that has limited access to higher education resources, and need to find a means to instill their beneficiaries with empowering career approaches that are far more expedited and economical than traditional higher education paths.

    Scenario 4: An intergovernmental organization working to promote international cooperation, and in need of a means to increase their leadership’s ability to effectively engage and influence global stakeholders critical to organizational objectives and mission.

    Scenario 5: A foundation tasked to increase the health and well-being of a population, and in need of developing on-the-ground local leaders and partners that can create better innovative solutions to operational challenges.

    IN Empowerment™ Program Courses

    The following provides an overview of each course that is included in the full IN Empowerment™ Program. Each course builds off the prior and provides our partners deep offerings that can be delivered to their populations.




    101 Course: A self-guided series of 6 pre-recorded webinars that introduces participants to the basics of being empowered and how to use that power in transforming their professional potential.
    Prerequisites: None (this is the entry level product for the IN Empowerment™ program)



    102 Course: 2-day in-person training program delivered over on a Saturday and Sunday by 2 certified faculty members to have participants go deeper and get direct coaching on the inner leader practices they learned in 101 Course.
    Prerequisites: 101 Course (or one-off trainings depending on partner)


    103 Course: 2-day in-person training program delivered on the Monday & Tuesday post the 102 Course delivered by 2 certified faculty members to have participants go even deeper with continued training, practice and forming small group accountability teams with other particpants which will then support them over the coming 12 months.
    Prerequisites: 101 & 102 Courses

    One-Off Trainings: We can deliver 3 unique one-day “basics” trainings for any group or organization looking for simple one-off introductions to inner leadership practices.
    Prerequisites: None


    IN Empowerment™ Resources

    The following resources provide participants a variety of tools with which to to take their learning and mastery from the IN Empowerment™ courses even deepen.




    Personalized 1:1 coaching packages for any participant who wants to get direct coaching from a certified IN Empowerment™ coach.




    A proprietary virtual monthly membership program that includes weekly inner leadership practices via email or App, and monthly VILT group roundtables with a certified IN Empowerment™ coach.




    A proprietary Online 360 Assessment that provides insight in how one sees themselves, others and the world, and how that perception relates to their sense of purpose, innovation and problem solving capacity.



    • Our Mission

      To promote Inner Leadership practices to engage populations in transforming economic, political and social leadership.

    • Our Purpose

      To awaken all to the power of the inner leader, and in doing so, access extraordinary capacity to create inspired innovation for the advancement of the human experience.

    • Our Intention

      To disrupt false outdated models of human construct — economic, political and social — to accelerate human advancement to its next paradigm of limitless potential. We seek not to change cultural norms, but rather reconstruct and leverage the disruption from which all life evolves. It is from this disruption that species thrive. And so too will the human experience.



    A Transformative Point Of Inspiration.

    Ready to make a real difference in the world? You are not alone. Partner up with IN Empowerment™ to bring your population the tools and confidence to transform your economy, society or political system from the INSIDE out!








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