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    IN Alignment™

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    Having worked extensively in both Corporate America and as entrepreneurs, we deeply appreciate that career success and fulfillment is not as easy as most might think. While the fantasy of creating quick success or shifting positions may sound like the best decision, in truth, doing so without a clear game plan — and clear understanding of what we truly want most — will usually leave us no further ahead than where we started. IN Alignment™ was created to provide the mindful, no-nonsense coaching insight needed to get to the heart of professional breakdown and breakthrough. Here clients re-discover themselves in a fundamental way — re-aligning to an inner clarity, confidence and power to turn any career vision into a deeply fulfilling and successful endeavor.


    Track 1: What Do I REALLY Want?

    Knowing what we want can sometimes be the biggest challenge. Get in the game for knowing what you REALLY want for your career so you can finally make it your reality.


    Track 2: How Do I Get There?

    Stop being stuck not knowing where to start. Let’s get you back in the game by creating a game plan that will have you effectively transition into your dream career.


    Track 3: How Do I Maximize Performance?

    Underperforming in your dream career was not part of the plan. Discover how to shift your struggling low performance into the thriving outcomes you originally envisioned.



    • 3 Pillars Of Empowerment

      Get an insider’s understanding of how Goals, Values and Saboteurs play into your career and mastery of it.

    • 50-Minute Sessions

      Explore your progress, what is next and what will be needed to create success as your move towards the next level of your career.

    • Weekly Action Items

      Goal-specific actions that will help you continually move towards your goals with clarity, structure and confidence.

    • Playback Recordings

      Re-listen to sessions to capture any critical insights that might have been missed during your coaching session.

    • Ongoing Email Support

      Get coaching support via email all week long anytime you feel stuck, lost or challenged in your Action Items or moving towards your goals.



    A Transformative Exploration Personalized Just For You.

    Stop sitting on the sidelines and get yourself — and your career — back in the game. Fulfillment is not a destination, it is a practice. So let’s create the game that will have you be fulfilled today, and for the rest of your career!









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